Cat: Words fail

Words fail me about how words are failing me right now. Words didn’t fail me all day, but the volume-rate of Trump crap coming out of the White House is overwhelming and as writing is part of my way of processing information, I’m rather scattered.

For the moment, news is about the damage from his Executive Orders (e.g. the travel ban and the Abortion gag order).

But then there’s a number of gaffs regarding obligatory statements the President is supposed to make for routine occasions: Holocaust Remembrance Day, Black History Month, the Prayer Breakfast, stuff like that. Our Peerless Leader made these statements with the level of aplomb we’ve come to expect from Trump, which is to say he embarrassed the Presidency and the United States. His remarks in each case were such that that a) they made it clear Trump gives no fucks, and b) they sent a dog-whistle message to his frognazi toadies, that yes, he really is an alt-Christian white-male-supremacist who hates it that his station is obligated to memorialize all these stupid other people who aren’t as cool as we are.

White House scandals are coming at about the same rate as they did during the nadir of the Bush administration. That is, after Iraqi Freedom had become a quagmire (or colloquially, according to the USMC troops on the ground, The Suck); soldiers in Iraq were killing friendlies and raping civilians (most times it all getting covered up but there were leaks); casualty rates were understated; and soldiers were coming home with TBIs; VAH was mostly trying to cover up TBI and PTSD cases coming back home, rather than researching how to treat them. Blackwater’s mercenaries were behaving… like mercenaries (Rumsfeld was using them to do shit too atrocious for regular troops), and it reminded us why the Geneva conventions proscribe mercenaries; detention and torture and drones (which I’ve ranted about at length before), also Cheney shot a judge. (I still haven’t gotten over the Bush era.)

But that was year four or five of the Bush admin. This is Trump week two.

It overwhelms me, and I’m afraid because we continue to appear to be sliding towards 20th century fascist level authoritarianism and nuclear holocaust, so I don’t want to turn away.

But for my sanity’s sake I need to. And now news agencies are wondering if this is Trump’s ultimate strategy, making every day take-out-the-trash Friday

Anyhow, I wrote some about The Division and I wrote some about Acting Attorney General Sally Yates getting dismissed by Trump and what that means. And I wrote about the whole SCOTUS pick affair, and the Republican congress’ successful gambit to deny President Obama an assignment, and what that means. I’d like to get these published soon. Also I never finished the stuff on mind control…which includes both Trump and Borderlands.

And my sweetheart and I are expecting a bigger bed, so that Stimpy has the option of not lying on one of our faces when we’re both spread out in the bed. Also I won’t have to habitually line myself along the bed’s edge. But that also means rearranging furniture and assembling stuff. Ugh.

Really, I want to hide away for the foreseeable future.

Postscript: I thought I already used this cat in a prior post, but I’m not seeing it. I’ll probably catch the duplicate later. (I think I’ve had one or two dupes so far, which I corrected post hoc.)


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