Cat: PND and Dog Damage

I habe a code id by dose.

I probably got infected during my travels on Wednesday. It means I’m going to feel like crap for a week. For now I’m in the leaking-nose phase of the illness experience.


Ren tore up the carpet at the entrance to the master suite.

When my sweetheart isn’t here– (I forgot to finish this line) –Ren wants to hang with me, to the point of chasing off Stimpy, so by day Stimpy gets the master bedroom suite and Ren gets the living room and kitchen / dining room. But I spend a lot of time in my inner sanctum, which is in the master suite.

Ren freaks out if he can’t directly perceive us. He sleeps in his bed in the bedroom at night, but he’s kept out of the master suite by baby gate when it’s just me. If that happens for too long he gets lonely and is capable of barking and making a commotion for hours, maybe days.

When he can see me in my room, he stops barking. He’s not thrilled and will whine, but tolerates it. But when I take a nap he can’t see me, and if he panics he can make a commotion.

(If I were to let Ren in, he’d crowd out Stimpy and eat her food and potentially attack her. He might also try to sneak into bed, in which case, he might bite me again.)

In this case, he got crazy enough to start digging at the carpet, and has caused expensive property damage. So now he has a kennel. Again. And when he is at threat of going crazy and getting destructive, we will put him in that. He won’t like it, but then again, he doesn’t like it anyway, enough to bite me or attack the cat or wreck his own house.

Dogs are complicated. (I’ve experienced complicated cats too.)


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