Cat: Lag Spike

☣I coughed much of the day, but sometimes went for periods without coughing. And I caught up on sleep I lost from coughing myself awake. I’m slightly better than I was yesterday, but not better enough. Also, I ran out of my psych meds and sent my sweetheart to Costco to pick up a batch. On a work day. I should have planned my med resupply better than I did. I am ashamed.

A Division gripe:

I was taking on some Rioters and had neutralized all but two. One closes in. My flame-turret detects him, yaws around and bathes him in fire. Usually the flame turret provides an excellent cover for areas I can’t, directly. Yet this guy miraculously takes no damage, emerging from the turret’s inferno unscathed.

Meanwhile I snipe at a dude behind a car, and score one, two, three headshots, and this guy isn’t even flinched. In fact, he’s completely unscathed and moving in. And aw, man, that’s when I realized what’s happening.

They both close in. I’m too messed up to retreat. They have gotten the better of me.

But no, they’re already dead.

The lag spike resolves, as does the long queue of unresolved hits from the last few seconds. They both fall over as the damage catches up with them…

…and so do I. All the hits they scored by the grace of freedom from consequence and adverse effects are resolved on me as well. I go limp, thankful that the only real penalty for dying in The Division, is the journey back to comb up any loot.

I got The Division to play with šŸ˜». I would have avoided it entirely but for the opportunity to play games with šŸ˜». And while I have on been tempted by Ubisoft games, they have to be really solid if I’m going to tolerate the wishes-it-was-Steam DRM-and-hype client that is Uplay. I loathe Uplay, and I resent Ubisoft every single time I have to interact with Uplay.

The Division also mandates a persistent online connection. It won’t play if I’m not actively connected to the Uplay server. And no game exists (yet!) that is worth that. (šŸ˜» is worth it. You’re worth it, šŸ˜») And until now, I’ve had nothing more to say about persistent-online games except that I just wouldn’t.

Well, now I do. Internet connections move the game onto an even higher tier of resentment, as it means that bad-connection days (like laggy-rainy days), or days that where bandwidth is reserved are days I can’t play the game.

And while I know it’s meant to be a multiplayer game, there are still sometimes in character-building RPG games like this that I might want to play single-player, such as when I’m tidying up my cluttered inventory, or combing for supplies so that I can craft myself some gear. My buds don’t want to sit around and wait while I do that.

And the thing is, I’ve seen other network clients do better. Having played online often enough on Steam, I know the technology available is good enough to manage lag spikes and other connection weather. There’s stuff that’s pretty good that’s freaking open source.

So Ubisoft is probably making this worse than it has to be.

A connection mandate is an inconvenience to the end user based on distrust of the end user. It’s requiring the end user to suffer more because the business model has contempt for the customer. And no, the contrivance of mandated connectivity as a necessity for multiplayer makes no sense to anyone who isn’t looking to multiplay right now. And when I’m single-playing, it creeps me out when there are strangers in my safe rooms, sometimes trying to interact with me.

And that said, if a game has to be always-online for any reason, (a trait I don’t begrudge PvP arena games or MMORPGs) it should make the process for the end user of getting online, staying online and suffering from adverse affects from online elements as pain-free as possible.

Ubisoft, you have my resentment.


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