Cat: Sidequest

☢ I’m still having periodic coughing fits, but they’re shorter and phlegmier. More tired than yesterday, though. A tad depressed, but then again considering my failed efforts, that seems par.

I have a one track mind. I’d be an awesome bomb disposal agent if I didn’t have the pressure problem (though real-world bomb disposal is mostly methodical and not about cutting wires as the timer counts down, so I’d probably be fine.) But what it does mean is that I will sometimes not know when to quit, and for a topic, I scoured the web for a specific article on a specific thing and just couldn’t find it. This occasionally happens to me, and either I eventually find it or I discover the article is gone. But what I’m really bad at is interrupting this spell to take a break. If I walk away from the computer, get coffee and a snack, walk about and nuzzle the cat, it clears my head.

And this failure to take a head-clearing break is pretty much what got to me today. I crawled the web like a Google spider until dog-walking obligations broke me free of the geas.

So I got nothing today, and I done and exhausted much of my thinky. I’ll try again tomorrow.


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