To Thunderous Applause

☢ I was pretty tired today. I slept a lot. I wrote some, but it’s only a partial of a partial.

So Steve Bannon revealed his master plan at the CPAC. And there were no qualms about the deconstruction of the administrative state.

The media is the opposition party.

Anti-immigrant raids are now a Military Operation.

Nuclear disarmament is now be getting reversed. We’re going to start building nukes again.

And the protest campsite where water protectors rallied to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline has been evacuated. I haven’t seen any reports of fatalities.

Oh also… The FBI convinced a guy in Columbia Missouri that he was buying $20 of hardware from the locale hardware store, but was doing it for agents of the Islamic State. But instead they were agents of the FBI. He’s arrested now for aiding and abetting. And our world is somehow safer.

So is this the Columbia Massacre? Can we call it the Columbia Debacle?

It’s been a black day.

Oh yes, I forgot They’re reopening for-profit prisons. The ones that would deny inmates proper food and medical care because that stuff’s too expensive. Those.


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