So regarding Trump’s wall along the US Mexico border, there’s one part of the conversation I haven’t heard much about.

How deep is it going to be?

Smuggling tunnels are a thing. They’ve been discovered by the dozens. Some incomplete. Some complete with rails, electricity and lights. Not for immigrants, but for drug trafficking. But they are sometimes tall enough to walk through, and could be built to accommodate migrants.

To be fair, most undocumented immigrants come in by plane and legal visa. Then they overstay their visa. Then they can’t get back, so they try to function as undocumenteds. And this implies that the wall is less intended to be a functional part of Trump’s immigration plan, but a monument to his immigration plan. He did, after all, promise a beautiful wall.

I suppose migration by conventional travel will stop if the White House blocks travel from huge portions of the Western Hemisphere like it tried to block from some of the middle east. It would be pretty outrageous, and his non-supporters would like him even less. But then Trump so far has been very optimistic about how easy it is to do things, and the obtuse sweep in changes he can make to policy.

So the wall may not need to be deep, or stop smuggling tunnels, or really affect immigration. It will be just another Trump monument, like his buildings with his name mounted across them in gold.

…only at taxpayer expense.


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