Advance Cat

Not to be confused with advanced cat.

Today begins an experiment that might allow me to write about serious issues without going crazy with outrage. Or at least without going crazy with as much outrage. Or at least being able to manage some of that outrage. Something.

I’m considering the degree to which time constraint and binge-writing might contribute to the slope of my stress-progress curve. In past efforts, I’d start an essay, realize it was too large in scope, try to pair it down to shorter-yet-conceptually-complete chunks and (most often, after much frustration) post a cat for having become overwhelmed.

In this case, the idea is to post a cat in advance so as to reduce the urgency of publication. Then I will work on copy or editing for brief segments of time (say forty-five minutes or an hour) with breaks to eat, do dishes, walk dogs and game a bit, which should not only allow me to cool off but also regain perspective.

Also to have a life while trying to write.

Now that I think about it, that means I’m trying two experimental changes at once, and hopefully I’ll be able to parse out which of them works or doesn’t.

This may also allow me to escape the illusion that once I’m done writing copy and in the editing process that I’m almost done. (I’m really not.) I think I get fooled by the imminence of publication (not to be confuse with the eminence of publication).

Let’s find out how this all works. At worst it’s going to result in a string of cats, but at best, I may discover a new tool by which to process through the some really great ideas into Pulitzer-winning posts. (Disclaimer: I have no idea how one goes about winning a Pulitzer, or even who or what is eligible.)


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