Cat: Division Update

The Division got an update this week, which stressed me out only because I didn’t know about it until I was ready to play with 😻*, at which point I had an eight gigabyte download to wait for.

New game updates happen with Steam pretty regularly. Steam is almost consistently updating one game or another, and yet it doesn’t bother me as much as when Uplay has to update a game. This is because a) Steam does this automatically, b) the Steam download client is actually faster and more efficient than the Uplay download client, and c), the downloads are usually not eight gigabytes. And yes, I got rather annoyed at Payday 2‘s frequent one-gigabyte-plus updates, on Steam and eventually uninstalled the game for it.

On the other hand, some improvements were made, though my current gripe remains about how veteran and elite enemies have obscenely more health points than ordinary ones or that humans should have in a tactical shooter. It makes the common bums rush by melee-armed enemies actually feasible in a game that is supposed to take seriously mechanics of guns, gunplay and modern-era combat.** As a result, players have been, as a matter of practice, disregarding submachine guns, assault rifles and shotguns in favor of semi-automatic sniper rifles and light machine guns (which, despite their name, are the heaviest weapons available to the player). It’s the natural end result when enemies commonly soak up damage like rhinoceroses in barding players will load for armored rhinos.

Cracked released an article by an Estonian who noticed that Putin has gotten awfully drooley over thoughts of annexing Estonia like Putin did Crimea. We here in The United Trumps of Trumpville are Trumping our Trumps all over the place, and will be of no use at all. Estonia has already been hacked and trolled and Russian fighter planes have been buzzing Estonian towers in Estonian airspace. It’s not going to be long before the tanks and Bolshevik men’s choruses start pushing forward like Hitler into Poland. Quite like Hitler into Poland.

At the time I read this and how Red Dawn isn’t just a movie anymore (The 1984 film, obviously), I was thinking The Division would be better placed in Estonia with enemy Russians instead of New York and New Yorkers trying to make do in the wake of a bioterror attack, with some New Yorkers just slightly more evil than others.

But then I realized we already have such an awesome game, by IO Interactive when they were still developing their Hitman tricks. It’s called Freedom Fighter and is possibly the first Third-Person shooter to include basic squad tactics, where the player commands a squad to attack targets and defend locations. Worth a look, and hopefully some day, a purchase at GOG if it ever comes out.

* 😻 may not like being referred to as 😻. It doesn’t feel quite right to me. I’ll probably decide she should be emojized differently.

Emojized. That’s a word now.

Postscript: I never did change 😻’s emoji moniker. A reference page can be found here.

** Historical fun facts: In WWI, infantry charges were still a common phenomenon, unfortunate in that so were machine gun emplacements. Machine guns were the perfect counter to human rushes, commonly resulting in a field full of dead or dying soldiers. Into WWII, we were still learning the hard way that rushing machine gun emplacements was generally a bad idea. In Vietnam, we changed over our infantry squads (about ten troopers) so that instead of featuring one machine gun team (and a bunch of riflemen) they’d feature three(… And smaller rifles. It’s part of why we transitioned from the M14 Battle Rifle to the M16 Assault Rifle). Machine guns were / are just that badass.

Mêlée combat still has its place, but it is a subset of CQC (Close Quarters Combat) which is super-important in urban battle and anti-terror operations.

But it still doesn’t make sense in real-world combat to send berserkers at troopers with guns under cover.


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