Cat: Stress Inventory

Depression was on me yesterday like stones on Giles Corey. A surprise perpetual cough kept me up all night and added to my stress inventory. (My sweetheart suggests allegeries due to Vacaville’s high pollen count.) My stress list looks like this (not in any particular order — also may not be comprehensive):

1. Fighting in the house
2. Contentious dog continues to be contentious.
3. Recent dog bite
3. The Trump Era
4. My medical care is directly under threat by GOP American Health Care Act.
5. Sweetheart’s company is under threat of failure, which may impact her permanent employment.
6. Sweetheart is working super-long extra-hard hours on-site a long ways away. And comes home super cranky. And her boss seems to take her for granted when he’s not actively trying to avoid taking her for granted.
7. And that stupid chronic cough last night!

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