Cat: Computer Dusting

I was very muddle-headed yesterday. But I did get my computer dusted.

I have this really giant heat-sink in the chassis that is part of the CPU cooling system. But it doubles as a lint-trap, and thus was the primary target of my vacuuming efforts. This heat-sink gets too linty and then my CPU starts running hot.

Yesterday I did a half-ass clean. A full-ass clean requires unmounting the sink-trap and the two fans on either side that push through it. I’d vacuum the sink-trap on both sides and then painstakingly remount the whole array back into the chassis, trying to remember which ways the fans are supposed to face.

Today, I only removed one fan and vacuumed one side. This will only delay the time to a full-ass cleaning for a little while longer (maybe until May?). Still my system’s running about ten degrees (Celsius) cooler now.


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