Cat: Minion Troubles

For The Last Time

My sweetheart has been having a rough time of things at work. She’s the most-trusted lieutenant of an overlord, which one would think would have really awesome job security provided the overlord wasn’t a psycho like the Joker.

The overlord has relied on her to supervise numerous capers, and she’s good at it. And she’s decent at managing the base. She’s actually good at doing anything that needs to be done, and that’s the problem. The overlord’s relied on her for everything, and she’s overwhelmed and stressed out and coming home sad.

Part of the problem is henchmen: only ordinary henchmen are available for recruitment, but all her regular duties require able henchmen. They have to be trained up, and then work for a while to get to able at which point she can let them do their jobs with minimal supervision. But trained henchmen have a tendency to quit, or get dropped in the piranha tank. In fact, while few have stayed on for the long haul, many wear on the overlord and he tanks them.

But that means she’s still doing all this work. Now she’s in HR so she does the recruitment as well, and she manages tank cleanup when it has to happen (not cleaning the tank itself, but next-of-kin affairs, police bribes, cooking the records and so on.)

Then there’s black-ops work. This is basic clerical stuff that can be done by ordinary henchmen, except that it involves overlord secrets, so only trusted lieutenants are allowed to see it. For this he calls on my sweetheart. See to this personally, and do not fail me, he says. She does, but its often crazy tedious and mind-boggling. In most cases, it’s the sort of thing distributed to multiple workers so as to reduce the madness, but since it’s secret, my sweetheart does it all. Occasionally she’ll make a mistake. He hasn’t piranha-tanked her yet, but he depends on her for everything, so he wouldn’t

And that’s the problem. He depends on her for everything. She’s even his personal assistant. While she’s doing HR and PR. While she’s running heists and capers. While she’s filing executions of betrayals and failures. While she’s managing henchmen and minions, sometimes out on site.

My sweetheart tolerated this originally because the Overlord had to backgrade from established syndicate to startup syndicate. After a master plan or two it was supposed to slow down again. She was supposed to be regarded as a valued trusted lieutenant. There was supposed to be a big payoff.

There never was. So her hench-mobile is in a perpetual state of partial-repair, and she’s too exhausted when she comes home to do non-lieutenant things like parent her teen or interface with her boyfriend.

And sometimes the Overlord seems to get that he’s been stringing her along for too long and in those moments, he seems to mean well and to want to make good. But every other time, he’s forgotten. And he’s temperamental. And he takes her for granted.

And yesterday another able henchman quit… on the day the overlord was going to feed him to the piranha-tank.

And she’s just about had it. It’s the most serious I’ve seen her considering changing jobs. Six years of being an overworked trusted lieutenant is not worth waiting for that stupid payoff that never comes.

In The Dog House

Ren got bitey with the toddler this weekend, and on Monday was caught guarding a treat (instead of simply eating it) This is to say he hid the treat and then sat on it. And he’d snarl and snap at anyone who went by him.

Serious considerations are being had to re-home him. If we can find him a better situation than this one.

This is, for Ren, a good gig, in that there’s food, shelter, regular walks… but it’s not a great gig. Ren’s human is gone all day, and the one who takes care of him has a cat (Stimpy) that takes priority. Maybe if he had one human who doted on him — and only him — all day, he’d mellow right out.

On one hand I like Ren a lot and have developed a certain sense of ohana with him. On the other, his hostility with me limits my trust for him, and he stresses pretty much everyone out, so the love lost will be limited. If it were my decision alone I’d keep him, but that’s not necessarily the right decision for everyone.

And yeah, he needs one person to be his focus, and for him to be theirs.

So, man. Tough day, yesterday.

When I Go To San Francisco

Today I’m off to San Francisco to do my San Francisco thing, and tomorrow, I’m recovering from today.


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