Cat: Wind and Whethering

Yes, I’m being snarky with the title.

I’m still feeling depressed, though I’m not clear if it’s depression. My symptoms for being fatigued and tired are similar to my symptoms of being depressed, in which I feel blue as well as down (sadesque as well as fatiguedish). Yesterday would have been a day of resting from my trip to San Francisco on Wednesday, except there was an urgent care appointment and my sweetheart stayed home and it was all insufficiently restful. There was a lot of resting. We slept most of the day, and hard, but still both of us feel unrested today.

Also it’s been super windy.

So, I’m not feeling the writing, but that happens, and it’s generally temporary. Tomorrow, the grandson is coming over. While he’s well loved, his presence limits the restfulness of the day. And we still have a room-cleaning trip to San Francisco planned on Sunday, though it’s tenatively-on pending the possibility that we’re just that exhausted. So I may not be getting much writing done during the weekend either.

I’ll still try to post cats.


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