Cat: Again

Again, I was trying to write a thing, yesterday, and I realized it was several ideas worth posts each. So, I plucked one out and it turned out to be bigger than I thought, and may also be multiple posts.

Super lethargic day, yesterday. Worried about my sweetheart at work. Ren woke me from a dead sleep yesterday morning, too, and then was acting all guardy again. He snapped at me and tried to bite me again, but missed. Still, the hostility may have been unnerving enough to wreck my day.

Interestingly, I confronted him (In plain English, e.g. Ren, what the fuck is your damage?. Whether or not he understands me, he seems to respond well when I talk to him.) And something snapped back into place and he was friendly, submissive Ren again. I didn’t even have the heart to kennel him, though he still felt compelled to yap at distant noises.

So for the rest of yesterday, I couldn’t stay focused, not even when gaming.

I may be depressed again.


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