Cat: Medical Shipment Failure

Yep. I’m sleeping a lot.

I’m not only off caffeine (on a low, tapering daily intake), but a delay in my med deliveries mean that I’m off my anti-migraine pills. I’m one day sober, so any minute now that proverbial hammer will fall.

If fortune smiles upon me those meds may appear today. The pharmacy customer service insisted I shouldn’t worry my pretty little head regarding the failure of the USPS tracking system. (The parcel was last seen somewhere between the pharmacy and the post office.) Oh, and I should call my doctor and get an emergency prescription — and pay full pharmaceutical retail — to make sure I don’t miss any doses.

It’s a good thing that not having meds won’t kill me.

It’ll just make life unbearable.

Edit: This article was originally posted with the cat posted on May 31, 2016. The current cat is hopefully not also an unintentional repeat.


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