Cat: Zombie Days

☣ I caught a cold again, which might explain why I was too under the weather to post over the last few days. (I wrote quite a bit and also emailed my mom, but haven’t done much in the way of editing.) This one’s moving fast, where the incessant coughing phase of the cold has started before the post nasal drip phase stopped. Each virus moves at its own pace. Still, last night I was an ooze factory and I can still only shamble a few feet from my bed. I’m in a state of full zombie.

I suspect I caught the cold from the party, Saturday, possibly from someone who was also completely asymptomatic. There’s debate about the myth that exposure to cold weather causes colds, where the current pop-science is that cold weather drives people into small confinements where transmission circumstances are optimal. But cold weather and revelrous socializing and work stress also tax the immune system, and anyone not living as a hermit is being exposed continuously to various pathogens. I’m pretty sure a binge playing Everything until 3am on Monday night weakened my immune system enough to allow this bug to establish a beachhead.

💊 PS: My medical shipment came in Saturday afternoon, so my anti-crazy regimen was restored without any missed days. That so sounds like a good plot background: Crazy guy is fully functional on his meds, but a pharma mix-up (med mishandling / insurance entanglement / discontinuation of product) leaves him high and dry, and he goes on shennanigans rampage / slashes up his community / runs for president. Man, this stuff writes itself!


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