Cat: Housekeeping

☣ I am still coughing through the night, dang it. And despite fancy cough suppressant too. I want to be done with this cold.

Spring Cleaning

To help organize my blog thoughts, I keep all my files and notes organized by month. But I started getting lazy (read: anxious about the world ending) around the turn of the year. Some months proceeded without my usual rituals of formatting new files and folders and so months got clumped together. Today I fixed that, at least the most recent monthclusters. I still have more organizing to do as I am closing on two years of blogging. I have ambitions to add keywords and tags. I have other organization aberrations. But for now, December 2016 and January 2017 are now properly collated, as are March and April 2017.

I also noticed I had inadvertently posted a duplicate cat, recently (now remedied). Dupli-cats are inevitable, but there’s enough online cat material that I should be able to avoid it most of the time, and correct when a duplication is discovered.*

Further blog housecleaning will occur. Maybe on Thursday: I go to San Francisco on Wednesday, so really doing anything on Thursday other than sleeping is ambitious, but it requires less focus than writing or editing.

Babies Require My Full Attention

While doing today’s housework, I went into a anxious panic when Miss Taz and the toddler came home. I wasn’t expecting the boy, and rumors are he will be a Monday regular. Miss Taz can be a bit of a whirlwind around the kitchen, but one that I can work around and clean up after (provided she’s not in a baking frenzy). The boy, though… so not. I’ve been left to supervise the tot a handful of times so far. Generally he’s easy to manage, but minding him proscribes any complicated tasks or ones that involve safety hazards (e.g. hot pans full of hot food). He and I have even gone through a potty incident with aplomb and minimal collateral damage. The addition of one guileful dog, though has already proven enough to court disaster.

* Clarification: By duplicate cats, I mean duplicate pictures. Some of the cat pictures I’ve posted already are different pictures of the same cat.


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