☣ I had thought that I’d been suffering from the same allergy season that everyone else has been in northern California. The news has reported some immense superblooms, in which every plant and tree imaginable has been pumping a bumper crop of pollen into the air, and even those who aren’t already sensitive to it are experiencing heavy symptoms.

This is kicking my ass. I’m now continuously fatigued (it doesn’t help that I hack and cough myself to sleep). and my sinuses are puffy with histamine. The difference is that it’s goopy snot rather than fluid snot, which indicates it’s full of alien particles. Oh and I’ve been getting orange phlegm again, which I realize now is histamine lightly seasoned with blood, for color.

Colds have been starting in my nose before worming down into my throat and lungs. This started in my lungs and sinuses and I hacked and hawked and sneezed until everything inside my head and throat are sore.

I can’t tell what’s going on, and I’ve made a doctor’s appointment to ask WTF. Again, this is either allergies curb-stomping my face, or my immunity system is compromised as indicated by the frequency with which I catch cold.

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