Cat: Modest Cheating

☣ The good news is that I’m only coughing once in a while and it’s productive. On the other hand my throat is as sore as a left-handed penmanship student. Every time I cough, it is a painful ordeal.

Today I’m prepping for my usual San Francisco trip tomorrow, with the added bonus visit to my GP’s office to see what is going on with my chronic respiratory conditions.

In video game binge news, I’m back to playing Saints Row IV. When I stopped last time, it was due to an annoying visual effect in the game called glitching. Objects in the world would pixilate out of focus and back in (as a reminder that The Matrix Has You). But glitches would happen so often that it was continuous and distracting. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Fortunately, the game features a cheat that turns it off (noglitchcity). Unfortunately, once I use a cheat, it flags the game which disallows completion of certain aspects (such as steam achievements). Happily, someone has long since made a mod of the game that allows for cheats (any cheat) to be used without activating the flag.

In the SR4 community, noglitchcity is, by far, the most commonly used cheat in the game, and of those players who have accessed the mod, most have used it specifically to turn off this one stupid effect.

Cheating in video games often goes this way.

I’m an old veteran cheater, as I’ve implied in the past, often to either circumvent annoying elements or bypass / abridge tedious sequences, and otherwise to, as the DOOM developers advised in 1993 extract all the enjoyment I can out of the product.

I have encountered games that are almost completely unplayable, but can be massaged into a tolerable experience, which I’d do just to experience certain brilliant moments. I’ve also encountered games that are decent to outright grand, unnecessarily tedious boss monster (e.g. say a boss that requires planet-crushing damage to topple them). Flagrant cheating is in these cases, the continuation of play by other means. It’s a tool by which I can choose to not give up on a game.

Sometimes it’s a tool to turn a decent game into an amazing game. I’ve had a few of those.

Today, cheating turns off an annoying effect, and SR4 is pretty great after that.

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