Cat: Clutter Woes and 😻

This page is an index page for my gaming buddy, 😻. See the footnote below for details.

I’m depressed again. Perhaps I’m daunted and anxious about my room. Again, even baby-step progress is progress, and so I’m only focusing on what to do next. Really, I just want to play Saints Row 4 with 😻* and Ashly Burch all day. (Ash is a homie in the game.) Maybe occasionally eat or sleep or cuddle my sweetheart.

It also means I have little motivation for writing. I always fear these phases are permanent, but then I get over them. I’ll probably be better once my piano keyboard is in place. Maybe.

* 😻 is my bestie and my most common gaming buddy, so emojified by a cat-related Steam identity. Long before Steam existed, I was her Wookie co-pilot in X-Wing Alliance way back in 1999. We’ve been gaming together ever since.

Emojipedia notes of smiling cat face with heart eyes that no one knows why we need a cat variant of this. I know why, Emojipedia. I know.

I’ve mentioned 😻 numerous times before:

β€’ I’d been playing The Division with 😻. I’m annoyed with the persistent online connection mandate by Ubisoft, unnecessarily occupying bandwidth even when I’m housekeeping on my own.

β€’ More The Division gaming with 😻 but cursing its rhino-skinned enemies in a tactical setting.

β€’ Still More The Division. I lament The Division’s very restrictive trading rules. I fantasize a game where I can craft stuff (as I can in The Division) and then share those crafted items with friends (as I can’t in The Division).

β€’ 😻 got me Grim Dawn which I’m almost eager to play. I’ve realized I like first-person games more than third-person games, and third-person (behind the shoulder) games more than top down, even though Grim Dawn does have a nice steampunk western (frontierpunk? six-shooterpunk? corditepunk?) feel. At least at the beginning. 😻 and I haven’t played it yet.

β€’ Though not mentioned by name (emoji), I’m playing SR4 with 😻 after a team-run of playing Saints Row, The Third wrapped up.


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