Cat: Slow News Day

I’m less wanting to write than report local news. And gripe more about Uplay. So…

Curious Design Choice

😻 advised me of a new large update for The Division, so I launched Uplay this morning in order to update it. Curiously, Uplay doesn’t update my games automatically. Nor is there an Update My Games Now! button. There should be.

With Steam, games update automatically once Steam is launched. This can actually present a problem if the game is multiplayer or requires an online connection. Steam actually tries to detect these or other bandwidth usage and throttle back its own accordingly, but that doesn’t always work, so I just go into my downloads page and pause updates until I’m done playing.

Uplay, in the meantime, requires me hit the Play Now button before it updates The Division, so I have to wait an hour (on high bandwidth) after I just said I want to play now, before I actually get to play. This interaction seems to affirm resentment by the company that we end-users expect to be able to play the games we buy.

Incidentally, in this case, I didn’t want to play. I just want to update the game so that I won’t have to wait when I do.

Also curious: The Division window tells me the update is 2.8 gigabytes. The Uplay window tells me it’s 4.55 gigabytes. What gives?

To be fair, Steam during its dial-up years had a similar problem, just in that one didn’t actually connect to Steam except when they were going to play Half Life 2 or one of the auxiliary Valve titles. It was really annoying then, too. Steam got better. Maybe Uplay will as well. Or better yet Ubi will start allowing its games to run without Uplay, maybe on Steam.

The End of (Domestic) Apartheid

Ren and Stimpy now have full access to the house again. For a long time, Ren lived in the common area and Stimpy in the master bedroom sweet. Stimpy’s food was blocked from Ren (who would eat it all) by a selective pet feeder, though Stimpy has forgotten how to use it (Walk up to station. Look around until lid opens.) Still, Stimpy is glad for commons access, and Ren always felt left out by his restricted bedroom access, even when no-one was in the bedroom.

Ren’s weird move of the day: He’d hang out on the bed (He’s not allowed on the bed) and then, upon hearing a noise, he’d bark loudly. Usually his barking routine was to charge the door and bark, but this time he wouldn’t leave the bed. Consequently, I’d get up, see what was going on, and there Ren was, where he wasn’t supposed to be. Ren needs to figure out to be quiet when he’s where he’s not supposed to be, and bark only in dog-permitted zones.

In the best of all Ren and Stimpy worlds, Ren would be allowed on the bed again (now that he’s mellowed out, thanks to our biological intervention). Maybe if he’d be content enough to stay above the covers and not flip out. And give Stimpy wide berth.

Not yet, though.

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