Cat: ER Visit.

We (my household) had an ER visit Thursday morning. It actually was an urgent care visit that was misscheduled by the hospital but couldn’t wait for a reschedule hours or days later, so we had to go to the ER. Emergency room visits are always long and never fun, and I still resent the urgent care clinic for getting our appointment wrong and forcing us to go there.

From the ER waiting room I watched the Senate hearing of recently-dismissed FBI Director James Comey…more or less. I couldn’t hear it whenever someone came through the double automatic doors (often!) and Senator McCain’s entire line of questioning was drowned by a zombie moaning loudly while wandering around the waiting room. Stupid zombie.

So after an emergency room visit on half a night’s sleep, I was laid out for the rest of Thursday.

Then there’s this sore throat. My sweetheart had it. Now I do. Fearful of another cold laying me out for another week or two, I’ve been binging on vitamin C and zinc tablets and minding my bedrest. Sometimes its gone but I can still feel it. No other symptoms, though. My sweetheart lost her voice today, but she is not feeling fatigued or achy as would be expected with an infection. Dry air and pollen? Not sure.

Still Depressed

So I still am mopey. I suspect it has to do mostly with feeling not-quite-right, dreading yet another infection (is it or isn’t it?) and still the emotionally-weighty burden of cleaning up my room and installing my keyboard. There’s a chunk of work that’s going to be several hours, during which I won’t have a running computer. I really don’t like having my computer down. Yes, I’m that geeky / techno-addicted. In my defense, people accustomed to having their smartphones on hand will commonly freak out when the device is suddenly absent or unpowered. Having contact with the world at all times is very assuring. Still it’s a source of resistance and I’m struggling to write.

So what to do? What I may do is continue with the housekeeping I started in May. This blog has gotten long and unkempt and I need to sweep up a bit. That is to say I need to append my index so it’s current and comb through looking for appropriate tags and keywords. Doing this may also remind me of loose ends (such as some thoughts regarding Scalzi’s Redshirts) that worthy of following up on.

For the weekend, the plan is to get my keyboard into my room (even if not in an optimally-ergonomic configuration), then write to a parent and also continue my SR4 binge, featuring Diane Michelle as the Boss (aka Female Protagonist 2). I first played SR3 (the Third) and SR4 with Laura Bailey as the boss (IMO the best Boss voice in SR3 that’s not the Zombie). And yet Michelle’s adorable French dialect is doing something special for me, possibly in that Judi Dench as M kinda way.


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