Cat: Waning Hopes

I’ve been writing about the Julius Caesar controversy in which Shakespeare in the Park put the play on featuring a very Trump-like Julius Caesar (played by Gregg Henry), and the resulting outrage, and pull-out from sponsoring companies.

I find the aftermath and umbrage by the pro-Trump and alt-right to be itself outrageous and frustrating. These are the self-same voices that ridiculed the outrage and sensitivity of others during and after the election campaign, and criticized the culture of compassion as political correctness. And they demeaned uproar not just for a play in which a president expy gets assassinated, but for hate speech against immigrants and Muslims and for incitement against minorities, women and the opposition. Incitement from the Trump’s campaign was acted on not by a single gunman, but by countless vandals and assailants that created an observable increase in the rate of reported hate crimes.

So apparently, the alt-right / Trump-supporter position is not that hate speech and incitement count as free speech, but that their speech is acceptable and any other speech they don’t like is wrong.

In short, they’re not interested in a fair society. Much like the Tea Party and the Anti-abortion movement, they’re not against all benefits or all abortions, just any that aren’t specifically their own.

So I’ve been writing about it, trying to find a rational angle. Democracy Civilization depends on a certain degree of reciprocity, of the notion that rules are the same for everyone. The more we are able to respect and honor (and if necessary, enforce) this equality, the larger, more populous a nation we can have, which is needed to develop bigger infrastructure. So when people expect special dispensation for themselves, and not others, that is poison to our civilization. Our foundations molder from within, and we start separating into small distrustful subsects. Given we’re willing eager to gun down fellow Americans not from our own tribe, this is the corrosion of society as we watch it, dissolving like coral reefs.

My fellow humans are ignorant or unsympathetic or easily manipulated or displacing anger or whatever drives them to continue to be terrible. And seeing this, it crushes crush my hopes for a spacefaring future, or even a future of humankind at all.

And all this makes me angry and sad and depressed, and then I can’t write much, or very well. And I post cats.


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