Cat: Techy and Thinky

Technical Difficulties

It turns out the hard drive on 😻’s computer is shot. Other computers read it as an unformatted or incorrectly formatted data structure. It does a partial boot which ultimately BSODs even in safe mode. At this point we’ve decided that data recovery on this drive is a project for a later date, but for now we’ll get a new drive and do a fresh install of Windows and essential drivers, apps and games. It’s about a week’s worth of work, though typically the system has limited operability during this time. Sadly 😻 won’t be here to enjoy that limited operability.

The good news is that the graphics card survived, or at least appears to. If it can show startup screens, then it probably can do everything else. Right?

More Strange New Words

In a recent conversation lamenting our mutual frustration trying to suffer fools, Problem Machine gave me a useful phrase. I was complaining about the hypocrisy intrinsic to the recent Julius Caesar affair and how the umbrage over Trump-Caesar conflicted with general dismissal of political correctness, to which Mr. Machine noted It’s not really a consistent ideology.

Ideological consistency

Or Internal consistency within an ideology, if we want to be pedantic.

Consider for example a biblical literalist who thinks building a replica Tower of Babel tourist attraction is a good idea. That’s not ideologically consistent. NOT IDEOLOGICALLY VIABLE!

At this point I don’t know if developing language useful to statecraft is useful. It’s useful to me, but I’m no statesman, and this era has trashed my expectations of humanity. Still, I will continue to endeavor to collect a list, and see if it turns into a cohesive set of rules for structuring government. Or a cohesive set of rules for creating structured government. Something like that.

Is it possible to create an internally consistent ideology by which to run a state? Our constitutional framers believed so, though they expected the people of the US to be more self aware and more consistent about pushing their own self interests. At this point we can see that we humans have too many biases that can be exploited. Industrial psychology is being used like a mind-control superpower (with a little help from exploitable foibles of our electoral system).

Are these challenges we can overcome? I don’t know.

Can we reform US government, or will we have to demolish it through violent revolt and start again? I don’t know that either.

Violent revolt generally doesn’t end well.


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